Seamless Virtual Events to Bring People Together On and Offline

Virtual and Hybrid events are the perfect way to share your message and bring people together, even when its not feasible to be in the same room.

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Planning a Hybrid Event?

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    Our Conference AV Solution

    Does this Sound Familiar?

      You’re Concerened about Tech Reliability Issues

      The fear of technical glitches and unreliable connections can overshadow the excitement of your event. Hybrid events rely on technology – is yours solid?

        Your Virtual Presenters are Anxious

        First-time remote participants and speakers can find the new digital platform daunting. You need to find time to manage them before they hit the virtual stage.

          You’re Overwhelmed by All of the Tech Options

          A seamless hybrid event requires various technologies to come together and work flawlessly – so much more than just a Teams call. Are you set up for it?

            You Need Guidance to Maximise Return

            Virtual and Hybrid events are better for the environment due to reduced presenter and delegate travel. But are you confident enough to go at it alone?

              About Us

              How Can We Help?

              AMPS brings to you unparalleled expertise in virtual and hybrid events, transforming traditional gatherings into dynamic, inclusive experiences. With a focus on technical reliability, user-friendly support, and eco-conscious solutions, we ensure your event expands beyond physical boundaries without the environmental cost. Whether entirely online or a blend of in-person and virtual, our service is tailored to meet the evolving demands of the modern audience.

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                Benefits of our Service

                Here’s What You Can Expect

                  Unmatched Technical Reliability

                  Our meticulously designed setups ensure redundancy and fail-overs keep the show going. This ensures your message is delivered perfectly from start to finish.

                  Inclusive Participation

                  Our integrated solutions enable remote engagement, attendance and feedback, ensuring no one misses out, regardless of their location or ability to travel.

                  Seamless Integration

                  We’re not just hosting a simple Teams meeting, we’re crafting an event that’s worthy of your brand. Ensuring your technology works together is essential.

                  Friendly Expert Support

                  Our technical team is on hand to guide your speakers and participants through the system, making tech fears and pre-presentation nerves a thing of the past.

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                    Get your message heard by everyone.

                    If you’re considering deploying virtual and hybrid events but you’re not sure where to start, get in touch for a free consultation. 

                    What’s the best platform for hosting a hybrid event?

                    Choosing the best platform depends on your event’s specific needs—size, interaction level, and features like breakout rooms or polls. At AMPS, we work with a variety of platforms and can guide you to the one that fits your event perfectly, ensuring a smooth, interactive experience for both in-person and remote attendees.

                    How do I ensure my virtual event is engaging?

                    Engagement in virtual events is key. Incorporate interactive elements like live Q&As, polls, and virtual networking opportunities. High-quality production values, such as clear audio, professional lighting, and dynamic content, also play a crucial role. Our team specialises in creating engaging virtual environments that keep your audience hooked.

                    Can virtual events truly be sustainable?

                    Absolutely. Virtual events eliminate the need for physical travel, significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with in-person events. By choosing digital over physical, you contribute to lower carbon emissions and a smaller environmental impact, aligning with sustainability goals without sacrificing the quality or reach of your event.

                    How can I help remote speakers prepare for a virtual presentation?

                    Preparation is key. Provide speakers with detailed information on the platform and technical requirements well in advance. Consider hosting a rehearsal to familiarise them with the system and troubleshoot any issues. Our team offers comprehensive support to ensure all speakers are confident and ready to deliver impactful presentations.

                    How do I make a hybrid event feel unified?

                    Creating a unified feel involves seamless integration of virtual and in-person elements so that remote participants feel as involved as those onsite. Use technology to bridge the gap—live stream in-person sessions, encourage interaction across audiences, and ensure content is accessible and engaging for all. Our expertise in hybrid events ensures a cohesive experience, making every attendee feel part of the whole.