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Our Conference AV Solution

Does this Sound Familiar?

    Vision to Reality

    Struggling to translate your big ideas into a practical, stunning exhibition? We’re here to bridge that gap.

      Technical Compliance

      Your venue or organiser is asking you technical questions regarding point loadings, power, testing and certificates that you simply don’t understand.

        Engaging AV Integration

        You know that you need eye-catching, crystal-clear displays and AV to enhance your presence, but you’re not sure what the best course of action is.

          Meeting ESG Guidelines

          If your company has strict ESG guidelines that must be met to reduce the environmental impact of their exhibitions and events, we have solutions.

            About Us

            How Can We Help?

            At AMPS, we specialise in transforming your exhibition dreams into dynamic realities. Our team tackles everything from layout and design to the nitty-gritty of compliance, all while ensuring your event shines. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to sustainability, we promise an exhibition that not only meets your goals but exceeds them, putting you and your brand centre stage.

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              Benefits of our Service

              Here’s What You Can Expect

                Customised Design

                Tailored floor plans and designs that enhance visitor flow, guide people through the experience and maximise sponsor visibility.

                Seamless Tech Integration

                From immersive lighting to crystal-clear audio, we ensure your AV elements work flawlessly together for maximum impact.

                Certified Safety

                Whether you’re installing temporary power, or hanging lighting trusses above the public, it’s important it’s all done properly, and to code. 

                Sustainable Practices

                We prioritise eco-friendly options without sacrificing the impact or effect of your exhibition. A great event shouldn’t cost the Earth.

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                  Let’s Make Your Exhibition Unforgettable

                  Are you looking for a production partner that can help you ensure your exhibition truly stands out? Contact us for a free consultation.

                  What’s the best way to ensure my exhibition stand attracts attention?

                  Attracting attention to your exhibition stand involves a blend of innovative design, strategic layout, and engaging audio-visual elements. Focus on creating an immersive experience for attendees by incorporating interactive displays or live demos. Our service includes custom design and AV integration to ensure your stand not only grabs attention but holds it.

                  How do I navigate exhibition compliance and regulations?

                  Navigating compliance involves understanding and adhering to the specific regulations of your exhibition venue and industry standards. Our team stays up-to-date on these requirements, handling all aspects of compliance for you. From safety certifications for temporary power to ensuring all materials and designs meet industry guidelines, we’ve got you covered.

                  Can my exhibition be both impactful and sustainable?

                  Absolutely. Achieving an impactful yet sustainable exhibition is all about choosing the right materials, technologies, and designs that minimise environmental impact. We specialise in providing reusable solutions, from modular stands that can be adapted for future use to eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient lighting and AV systems.

                  How can I manage complex logistics for my international exhibition?

                  Managing complex logistics for an international exhibition requires meticulous planning and expertise, especially when dealing with overseas trucking and carnets. Our team has extensive experience in international exhibition logistics, ensuring your materials arrive on time and in compliance with local regulations, making your global showcase seamless.

                  How do I ensure my exhibition layout maximises visitor engagement?

                  Maximising visitor engagement through your layout involves strategic planning to ensure smooth flow and easy access to key areas. Our design process includes producing detailed floorplans that consider foot traffic, highlight main sponsored stands, and create engaging spaces that encourage interaction. With our expertise, we’ll help you design a layout that maximises both engagement and income opportunities.