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Virtual events are becoming an important tool for organisations across the globe; bringing minds together, even when people can’t be. With a long experience in event video production, and a range of technical solutions on offer, AMPS can help you to turn a potentially chaotic and stressful web based free-for-all into a focussed, engaging and worthwhile experience. Contact us to discuss your virtual or hybrid event.

We’re ready to:

  • Match your organisation’s goals to the right approach and technology
  • Guide your event planning and scheduling to suit a virtual format
  • Create and optimise presentations, graphics and video content
  • Work with you to provide pre-event advice and support to your participants
  • Provide and operate broadcast quality sound and camera equipment
  • Provide reliable and secure streaming infrastructure to make your event safe and accessible
  • Enable live interaction with your participants including curated Q&As and virtual breakouts
  • Take away the stress of using technology under pressure
A behind the scenes look at a virtual event in progress
Filming a video for a client

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How does AMPS tailor its services to meet the unique needs of virtual and hybrid events?

In the evolving world of virtual and hybrid events, AMPS stands as a pioneer, adept at aligning your organisation’s goals with the most suitable technological approach. We recognise that these events require a different set of strategies compared to traditional in-person events. Our team works closely with you to guide your event planning and scheduling, ensuring that it suits the virtual format seamlessly. From initial concept to execution, we tailor every aspect of our service to enhance your virtual or hybrid event’s effectiveness and impact.

What kind of technical support and equipment does AMPS provide for virtual events?

AMPS brings a wealth of experience in event video production to the table, providing broadcast-quality sound and camera equipment to elevate your virtual event experience. Our technical solutions are designed to ensure high-quality audio and visual production, creating an immersive experience for your audience. Additionally, we provide reliable and secure streaming infrastructure, making your event not only accessible but also safe from digital threats. Our technical prowess guarantees a seamless and professional virtual event experience.

How does AMPS assist in content creation for virtual events?

Content creation is a crucial element in virtual events, and AMPS excels in this area. We specialise in creating and optimising presentations, graphics, and video content tailored to the digital format. Our creative team collaborates with you to produce content that is engaging, informative, and perfectly suited to the virtual environment. This approach ensures your message is conveyed clearly and effectively, keeping your audience captivated throughout the event.

Can AMPS provide pre-event support and advice to participants of virtual events?

Yes, at AMPS, we understand the importance of participant readiness in virtual events. We offer comprehensive pre-event advice and support to ensure your participants are well-prepared and comfortable with the technology. This includes providing guidance on how to access and engage with the event, troubleshooting potential issues, and ensuring a smooth experience for all attendees. Our aim is to eliminate the stress associated with using technology, making the virtual event experience enjoyable and hassle-free for everyone involved.

How does AMPS facilitate participant interaction during virtual events?

Interactive elements are key to a successful virtual event, and AMPS is adept at enabling live interactions that enrich the participant experience. We offer features like curated Q&As and virtual breakouts, allowing for real-time engagement between the audience and the presenters. This interactive approach not only maintains the interest of your audience but also fosters a sense of community and collaboration, essential components of any successful virtual event.