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Zero88 Demux 24 DMX - Analogue Converter

DMX to analogue control converter
£20.00 per day (ex.VAT)
£20.00per week (ex.VAT)

The Demux 24 is a 24 channel, rack mounted DMX to Analogue converter. This unit allows legacy analogue equipment, such as 10v control dimmer racks, to be controlled by modern DMX512 controllers.

It is possible to select individual analogue output sockets as either negative or positive control voltage (+/- 10V), for maximum flexibility.

The Demux 24 also allows for the storage of 12 memories that can be manually played back using the integral user interface on the front of the unit. The internal switch mode power supply provides worldwide voltage support.


  • Patchable per socket to DMX (per block of 6 channels)

  • Voltage polarity selectable per socket (block of 6 channels)

  • Preheat and Dimmer Law selectable per channel

  • 12 programmable backup memories

  • Manual level control

  • Isolated DMX input with termination option

  • Lock and Reset functions

  • DMX Status indication

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