Promotional video content, video testimonials and case studies help bring to life the message you want to deliver to your customers in a professional manner. Taking content from pen to screen, with customer endorsements help bring to life the message or inspire interest in your products with engaging short clips.

It doesn't take a blockbuster budget to deliver a sublime product, the budget doesn't have to break the bank. Simply moving written material or case studies to a medium that's faster for your customers to take in and digest in a more visually stunning way.

From creating storyboards to overseeing final edits and delivering you web enabled, YouTube and Vimeo ready clips that provide a compelling watch - AMPS can help you.

Working with high quality industry standard equipment our capabilities for recording, editing and integrating multimedia are what sets us apart from everyone else.

We also specialise in webcasting, broadcasting a media presentation over the Internet using streaming media technology to distribute a single content source to many simultaneous viewers. We're able to handle large-scale live events with on-demand-replays, giving remote participants anywhere on the Internet a sense of 'being there'.

Alternatively, webcasting can be used for a small seminar or training staff on new techniques or company policy. There are many opportunities to use this fast growing technology and we're proud to have been doing it for some time.

Please get in touch and discuss your ideas with us, we'd love to be able to assist you with getting your message and bringing it to life for your customers.