Production Design and Management


Defining Success

It’s easy for any production company to say “we’ll make your event a success”, but what does that mean? Part of the answer comes from you; what are you trying to achieve, or communicate to this audience? What do you want them to remember when they leave?

The second part is universal to all events: Simplicity of experience. Put plainly, when it’s easy to find, easy to park, easy to get in, easy to find the toilet, easy to find your seat, easy to connect, easy to see what’s going on, easy to hear what’s being said, and easy to leave at the end, it makes it easy for an audience to focus on the most important thing: Your message. These aren’t the things people will normally remember afterwards - and that’s exactly how it should be. This philosophy underpins our approach to producing any event; from the smallest talk to the biggest launch.

If you care about the small details as much as we do, we’d love talk about your next event; and how we can help you to deliver the right message. Lighting, sound, video, staging, set, flooring, graphics, branding, crew, transport and, yes, even the toilet signs… Whatever you need - we’re here to get it right.

If you’re at the very early stages of planning your event, you might find it helpful to look at our Event Packages to give you an initial starting point - and a rough indicator of what’s possible within a given budget. When you're ready, we’re only a phone call or an email away, so please get in touch to talk about what we can do for you.

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