QSC RMX850 Amplifier

2500w Powered Amplifier

QSC RMX850 Amplifier

The QSC RMX 850 gives you clean, dynamic power, great sound quality and reliability that professionals depend on. The power supply is the heart of an amplifier, converting raw AC power to clean DC for the audio circuitry. It uses a powerful high-current toroidal transformer and ample filter capacitance to ensure generous energy reserves. This makes a critical difference in sound quality, allowing the amp to effortlessly punch out high level transients, even when driving abusive 2 ohm speaker loads.


  • 2 channels
  • XLR, TRS, and barrier strip screw terminal input connectors
  • NL4 and binding post output connectors
  • Each channel has independent Clip Limiter and Low Frequency Filter (30 or 50 Hz)
  • Stereo, Bridge Mono, and Parallel modes of operation
  • QSC reliability
  • Complete amplifier protection

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