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63A 415v TP - 3 x 32A 230v / 12 x 16A 230v Rubber Box Power Distro

Rubber Box Co. RUB270H1 - 63A Three Phase Power Distribution Box

£60.00 per day (ex.VAT)
£6.00per week (ex.VAT)

Rubber Box Co. Type 270H Three Phase Distribution Box


  • Outlet sockets protected by individual MCB's and RCD's

  • Incoming LED's allow quick identification that each phase has power from the source

  • 1 x 63A 415v 3PH+N+E Appliance Inlet

  • 3 x 32A 240v 1PH+N+E Sockets

  • 12 x 16A 240v 1PH+N+E Sockets

  • 3 x 63A SP MCBs

  • 3 x 63A 30ma DP RCDs

  • 3 x 32A SP MCBs

  • 12 x 16A SP MCBs

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